THE Big Coffee Question

February 5, 2017
THE Big Coffee Question

That is the question !!

And for most of society , that would probably be a question answered with ” YESSSS TO COFFEE” 😄

So , I’m the kind of person / health coach that feels to ” experience ” things for herself and with clients . Let’s face it , there is so much information on coffee …. some experts can prove many benefits even having some healing benefits , some experts are completely adverse to coffee ☕️. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

Roughy 2 weeks ago I decided to once again put coffee to the test , drinking one coffee a day everyday for 2 weeks . Whilst it started off amazingly , more energy , less appetite ,etc I began to notice small things at first such as my tongue was white ( poor gut function ) , I woke up craving coffee , I began to ” rely ” on coffee instead of implementing my usual healthy habits and what I noticed most , was that I felt slightly disconnected … almost like I was in ” GO ” mode all the time , trying to fit the most in my day and not really ” feeling ” my body or me .
PLUS , I felt disconnected from my heart as my mind became racy .
FOR ME , drinking coffee has quite a profound side effect on my adrenal glands also … triggering hormonal imbalances and fluid retention.

Now , I am no angel 😇 and am not suggesting that everyone needs to be coffee free ALTHOUGH it is a good idea to once again keep learning about YOU and what works for YOU .

The only way to do this is remove coffee altogether for roughly 2 weeks and then add back in …. and see how your nervous system feels , your connection , your clarity .

If this seems too hard and would like a helping and guiding hand …. complimentary health coaching sessions are offered at Be Free 💕

GOOD LUCK on the continued journey to YOU

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