Eating disorders

Eating Disorders are estimated to effect 1 in 27 Australians. Pretty much would go as far as saying that the statistics would be much greater, given the fact that most or many eating disorders go undiagnosed or not easily recognised. Most common forms of Eating Disorders are Anorexia Nervosa , Bulimia , Binge Eating Disorder and newly adding to that list is Orthorexia Nervosa ( where the person experiences anxiety or becomes pre-occupied by healthy eating , going as far as to label themselves so they can “control or limit “ the type of foods they eat ) .

 From experience , there are some slight deviations also such as over – exercise , extreme body building , counting calories , etc . With over 19 year’s experience in all of the above forms of Eating disorders, I found that working on my mind proved to be very limiting. Let’s face it , most of us with ED’s have a strong willed mind…capable of manipulating and controlling our body and food , or an over active mind with many consuming and negative thoughts . THAT is WHY, the heart is the key. THE spiritual heart is the place where the innate peace, calmness , joy , love and gratitude is held . When we are experiencing that , it is very hard for us to want to “destroy “ our selves . YOU will experience this as we work together within the programs.


Many professionals and scientists have now proven that different parts of the brain are responsible for addictions and dependencies . And whilst addictions and dependencies are commonly found these days, It is still very common for people to not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or food. There are many studies to claim or diagnose the exact scientific reason as to why someone has an addiction or dependency, yet what’s overlooked is the emotional pain or trauma experienced and the fact that most people with addictions and dependencies are very sensitive, strong people often looking for spiritual connection . Through the heart , clients soon begin to feel calm , peaceful and connected of which helps them begin to understand the trigger for these conditions …. naturally feeling less likely to continue with the addiction .


An abusive relationship can include sexual emotional and physical abuse. Most abusive relationships will find power struggle where one of the partners forms total control and the other relinquishes all control. No matter which partner you are in the relationship, past emotional pain and trauma is almost always the triggering factor. Although I never condone abuse, through experience I have truly understood that there is great lessons and healing..


Self-acceptance is an individual’s satisfaction or happiness with oneself involving self-understanding, a realistic insight and awareness into one’s weaknesses and strengths . Under the” self-acceptance” banner could also go self-esteem , self-love and confidence in one self . When you begin to experience the heart  , acceptance of self becomes one of the many by products ….although much more complete and fulfilled .


With so many diets available, it can all become rather confusing and overwhelming . Science proving one way, nutritionists another and all of which have merit and work to some extent . The purpose of working together is find what works for YOU, which foods agree with you and which foods don’t. There is only one YOU, so let’s find out all we can about YOU .


Anxiety and depression are very different disorders, yet often similar symptoms can be experienced such as lack of joy, feeling sad, guilt and worthlessness and fatigue . Often, a sequence of painful events occur with a “main “event triggering the onset of anxiety and/or depression. Most importantly , with guidance and coaching anxiety and depression can be addressed in a really gentle and beautiful way .


STRESS as we are so well aware of, is the biggest trigger of disease and other underlying conditions in the body. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, if high levels of stress are prevalent it will affect the body’s natural ability to function harmoniously. Adrenal fatigue / exhaustion is the fastest growing condition where the adrenal glands lose the ability to function properly, not only leading to tiredness /fatigue but to a number of other hormone and neurotransmitter problems. Working together to nurture and nourish the adrenal system is key to recovery.