February 5, 2017

FOOD ….Can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in your day or one of the most torturous … which one is it for YOU ??

We are constantly consumed with new or old concepts and ideas around ways to EAT . Scientists proving that according to blood groups we should eat a certain way , gurus suggesting we should eat no grains more meat or less meat and more grains .
Some say VEGAN some say VEGETARIAN …. all of which I believe have some merit to them and will work . Yet many of the above ways can not only create ANXIETY and CONFUSION , it often gets you further from listening and learning more about YOU .

I say ” KEEP IT SIMPLE ” and tap into what works for you ! Experiment with different foods , listen to what YOUR body is craving , hear the signals that your beautiful body is sending you …. are you ” hungry ” or are you ” thirsty ” ?
Do you really feel like breakfast today or are you just eating because someone claimed it boosts the metabolism to eat first thing in the morning ?

Now , I am no EXPERT in ” nutrition ” but what I AM doing is trying to become an EXPERT in ME . Beginning to TRUST my body that it knows BEST … beginning to form a bond / relationship with my body .

Start today , by trying to ask your body ” WHAT DO I FEEL LIKE TODAY ?”
And it’s ok if it says chocolate …. just keep Asking and trusting …. it’s a BEAUTIFUL PROCESS

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