3 Month Program

This is a short and sweet program uniquely designed for the type of client who is in need of a boost, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Also for those who would enjoy an introduction to the opening of their heart Setting intentions , emotional clearings and ways to help you move forward, in a way that’s best suited to you .

6 Month Program

A uniquely tailored program just for YOU for those who understand that change takes time and knows that with where they are at right now , it’s best to take it slow and really experience the new changes. Within the 6 months , we will explore YOU , what foods are best for YOU , helping you to instill those beautiful habits you have always wanted to have, finding ways to nurture and heal YOU so that your healing and self-discovery is true to YOU. To do this , intentions will be set , emotional clearings and reiki to help clear blockages that are stopping you from being the best version of YOU , regular meditations to help open your heart and still your mind YET most of all , unique tools or ways suited to you to help in your everyday life .

Open Heart & Natural Walking

Open heart meditation is a simple and beautiful way to feel and realise the love , peace and happiness within your heart , and radiate the love and light from within your heart to others.

Secrets of Natural Walking, is a beautiful walking practise created by Irmansyah Effendi. Secrets of Natural can undo the damage done to your body by deeply realigning your spine and adjusting your meridians , muscles , reflexology zones of your whole body and especially your nervous system from everyday stress


«My mission is to share love with each and every person I meet. Allowing each client to experience the essence of their
own heart. To ensure each client feels welcomed , supported and guided so that after embracing which ever program is best suited, they leave with a clear direction, feeling more content and joyful, feel at peace with where they are at, a beautiful and real connection to themselves and most of all an open heart»

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